SA-51 Portable screening audiometer
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SA-51 Portable screening audiometer

Small size, microprocessor operated screening audiometer with built in memory and external computer connection


  • LCD Display for numerical and text read-out
    in case of connected to computer identifica-tion data can also be displayed on the LCD indicator
  • Construction free from mobile contacts
    there are no contacts warn off and noises caused by mechanical switches
  • Absolute noiseless operation
    clicks are deleted from the headphone
  • Rereadable threshold data
    recording patient audiogram the hearing threshold data can be rered and displayed on the LCD indicator at the end of test
  • Threshold determination carried out by patient response
    threshold is automatically displayed by the instrument by the use of two patient response on the same frequency and may be overwritten by the operator
  • Communication to the patient
    talking into the built in microphone there is a way to communicate with the patient through the headphone. eg. in a silent cabin
  • Noise Excluding Headset
    a Pelton noise excluding headset as standard provides a good way of hearing test even a bit noisy surroundings
  • Easy operation
    the easiest way of screening can also be car-ried out (screening test)
  • Computer interface for external computer connection
  • Store function for 99 patients

  • this allows the patient's AC audiogram to be stored in an internal memory
  • Chance for the operator for "setup"
    the operator can select the most suitable rou-tine for frequency range and "reverse" sound performance
  • Built-in watch
    time can be precisely followed

– Family doctor's room
– National Health Insurance doctor's office
– Out-patient Clinics
– Hearing aid adjustment
– Labour safety and aptitude test
– Screening test with or without silent cabin